About Us

CustomCrystal Awards.com, a division of Great Lakes Awards Inc., is dedicated to providing our corporate customers with beautiful crystal and glass awards.  Founded in 1979, Great Lakes Awards Inc has been serving customers for over 30 years.  Our customers include Fortune 100 companies who demand quality, service, and value.

The company, headquartered in Libertyville, Illinois, is a premier provider of recognition and reward products and programs to organizations across the country.  Bob Kastner, the Founder and President of Great Lakes Awards Inc has vast experience in the development and implementation of reward and recognition programs in the areas of safety, sales, and non-sales employee programs and systems.  Great Lakes Awards portfolio includes the most robust integrated service award program in the country.

If you are looking to drive engagement with your employees our sales channel partners, Great Lakes Awards can help!

Recognition and Incentive Programs

Employee engagement is a major topic of discussion in today’s corporate environment.  It is no secret that people make the difference.  Great products are only as good as the people marketing, selling, manufacturing, and distributing the products and/or services, and then providing the appropriate customer service to support those products/services.  A study of 200,000 managers and employee over a ten year span found that in companies where few people agreed with the statement “My organization recognizes excellence” annual return on equity averaged a paltry 2.4%.  By contrast, companies with a culture that emphasized thanking people for excellent performance racked up returns more than three times as high, an average of 8.7%!

Recognizing employees for their long term contributions and short term achievements is a great investment in your business.  Recognizing success in sales, safety, productivity, suggestions, and attendance all lead to a “Culture of Celebration” – a positive environment in which employees feel that what they do every day does matter.

And happy employees are more productive.  Another study, by the Russell Investment Group and the Great Places to Work Institute released in early 2007 that tracked publicly traded companies on Fortune Magazines “100 Great Places to Work” from early 1998 to 2004, determined that the companies on the list of best places, compiled for Fortune by the GPTW Institute, produced returns THREE times greater than the broad market.

In the “Strategic Guidelines to Managing Cash and Non-Cash Employee Motivation Programs” study respondents were asked to identify all the activities their organization uses for motivation.  The list included 12 categories, but number one on the list was recognition.

83.8% of the people responding to the survey used recognition as part of the engagement process.  It works, and we want to help you with our experience and capabilities!